Amazing Health Benefits and Side Effects of Betel Leaf -->

Amazing Health Benefits and Side Effects of Betel Leaf

Amir  Al Maruzy
Friday, May 22, 2020
Benefits of Betel Leaf - Betel is well known with its function to prevent illness. As a natural medicine, betel has so many functions especially for women’s problem. Nowadays, there are many products which use betel as the main formula. As an Indonesian natural herbal, betel leaf has many benefits for curing illness or preventing our body from bacterial problems. You can make your own concoction from home. Betel is also easy to find in Indonesia. Usually, people in the village plant betel in their living pharmacy. If you are interested to plant it, you can plant the seeds in front of your house. Below are the lists of betel leaf’s benefits for the daily natural remedy until the serious one.
Benefits of Betel Leaf
Benefits of Betel Leaf
1. Bleeding Nose
This case is usually found as a children’s problem. Some people experience bleeding nose when they were kids. Here, betel leaf benefit can be seen from its function to stop the blood. Simply take fresh betel leafs and rolled it. Insert to the nose bleed. It takes approximately 30 minutes to stop the blood.
2. Cough
Another betel leaf benefits can be seen through its function to heal the cough. It is for sure that cough is very disturbing because it can obstruct our activity. Using betel leaf, the cough problem can be healed. Take 2 grams of betel leaf, cardamom, and 110 ml water. Make all of these ingredients and brewed it infusion. Drink it one glass per day. Your cough will be gone in 7 days.
3. Sore mouth problem
It is the most disturbing problem in health’s case. Besides, disturbing the looks, sore mouth problem also makes our mouth feels dry all day long. This can make we are not confidence when we are talking with others. Here, betel leaf can help to cure it by taking 2 pieces of betel leaf, water 110 ml, and mix it. Use the betel leaf water to rinse the mouth every day.
4. To prevent smelly mouth
Similar with sore mouth, smelly mouth can disturb our performance in the public place. To prevent it, take 3 grams of betel leaf and provide 110 ml water. Use it to gargle twice a day and you will have fresh mouth all day long.
5. Malaria
This is a serious illness which can make the patient dies if they do not have the right treatment. It can be healed by using betel tea leaf. Take 20 pieces of betel leaf,20 pieces of sembung leaves, a handful acid leaf, 20 pieces of beluntas leaf, and 2 pans of water. Boil all of the ingredients, and use the steam while you are showering.[bm]