Powerful Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cumin -->

Powerful Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cumin

Amir  Al Maruzy
Friday, May 22, 2020
Benefits of Cumin - Cumin is usually used as a kitchen herb. It is usually used in Medditeranian and Spanish cooking. The flavor is very distinct. On the other hand, it has hidden function for our health. Cumin seeds contains mineral, iron, and many vitamins which can improve our health. Mostly, people mix it into a cuisine to consume so it will make them easy to blend the cumin with foods. Southern Asians and Africans use cumin in traditional cuisine such as curry and chickpea salads. It is one of methods which is used to make cumin as a traditional herb to keep healthy foods. Here, there are many benefits of cumin which can be used for your health problems.
Benefits of Cumin
Benefits of Cumin 
1. To control blood pressure
The main cause of uncontrolled blood pressure is the consumption of sodium. By reducing sodium in your diet program, your blood pressure works normally. Here, the benefits of cumin can be seen through the indication of 1 percent milligram of sodium which can help you to control the blood pressure. If you would like to consume cumin, it is better to mix it with your daily meals. Since it is quite easy to make, cumin is the best choice to control your blood pressure problem.
2. To kill Bacteria
From time to time, people use spices to their food to improve the food’s flavor and prevent the bacterial growth. Bacteria can be found in many raw foods such as in meat. Meat mostly contains bacteria which is quite dangerous to consume daily. Bacteria lives quite many in tropical season country. Therefore, people in India use cumin as the spices to cook meat. The benefit of cumin may also be effective to kill the bacteria in human’s wounds. It can help the healing process in human’s wounds too.
3. To Improve Iron Level
In health terms, Iron has an important role to give proper metabolism in our body. If we do not have enough iron in our body, we can have several problems rises for example muscle weakness and shortness of breath. The benefit of cumin in this case can be seen through the iron content in cumin. There is mineral, iron, and vitamin contained in seeds of cumin which can help us to improve our body’s metabolism. Besides, iron is also has function to improve the brain memory. Therefore, consuming cumin can help us to improve the ability of brains to memorize more.[bm]