Benefits of Nutmeg And Its Side Effects You Never Knew -->

Benefits of Nutmeg And Its Side Effects You Never Knew

Amir  Al Maruzy
Friday, May 22, 2020
Nutmeg Health Benefits - Nutmeg is a small fruit which has so many benefits for health. You can find a lot of amazing functions of nutmeg in our daily life. Using nutmeg as the spices of the foods can help us to prevent from daily health problems. A little nutmeg in the soup has a big effect for our health. Besides, nutmeg is used in medical solution as a natural herb which has quite powerful and effective effect rather than chemical drugs. This aromatic spice has so many functions for children, adults and also a baby. Take a look of nutmeg health benefits for daily consumed.
Nutmeg Health Benefits
Nutmeg Health Benefits

1. To make a good quality sleep
When we are so tired, we can’t have a good quality time to sleep. It makes our body feels fatigue when we wake up in the morning. Here nutmeg health benefit can be seen from the function to make a good quality sleep. Drink a glass water of milk with pinch powdered nutmeg and feel a better sleep feeling.
2. Brighten the skin
One of the nutmeg health benefits can be seen from its magical effect in brightening your skin. A little nutmeg ground with water or oil into a paste can reduce scars, acne and also make your skin clearer and brighter than before. You can also make a scrub from nutmeg to get the same benefits.
3. Protecting the teeth from bacterial problems
Here, you can use nutmeg oil combined with cinnamon as the powerful antiseptic natural medicine. Nutmeg protects the teeth from bacterial problems which can cause some mouth problems such as sore mouth, smelly mouth, or painful toothache. In traditional treatment, nutmeg proves that it can help to relief some teeth pains. You can add nutmeg oil in your tooth paste if you want to reduce the smelly mouth problems.
4. Sharpen brain
This little magical spice can help to sharpen our brains. It can make our brains able to memorize better. It is very common for old people to have Alzheimer in their old age. Here, nutmeg can help to prevent this illness in the future age. Consuming nutmeg in every foods and daily meals is the best solution to the brain’s problem. For those who are easily forgot, nutmeg can help our brain’s ability works better. It avoids the short term memory problem which is now faced by almost young people in this modern era.[bm]